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My portfolio houses:

  • My current projects and presentations on web2.0, social networking, opensource software & more,
  • a sampling of my writings, graphic and web designs,
  • abbreviated CV,
  • some of my other content collated from other social and professional networking sites, including (content divergent, my bookmarks @, some of my photography which is hosted @ flickr, as well as other bits and pieces.


    My interests really can be summed up into one word: mashup. Long before mashup became a word to signify taking bits and pieces to make a new thing (esp. as relates to Web2.0 technologies), I have been making "mashups." I created a book in second grade, using shelfpaper over cardboard as the covers, construction paper for the pages, and plastic fiber as the binding. Of course, I wrote the story and illustrated it, too.


    I wear lots o' hats:

    • Book reviewer (topics on Web2.0 and programming) for techstatic,
    • Chair of DYG (Dynamic Content Group) for the UGA Libraries (a group charged with moving the Library forward into the social networking sphere),
    • PacerCMS development team member (an opensource newspaper/journal software),
    • Faculty Learning Committee on Emerging Technologies (UGA) member,
    • Universities' Web Editors Group (Dweebs) member,
    • Chair/Admin for the UGA Drupal Group,
    • Metadata and Emerging Technologies Consultant,
    • Institutional Knowledge Repository Group member (a statewide group focused on a regional/statewide repository)
    • and  library blog admin, metadata moonlighter, database worker, gadget junkie, and of course, blogger, photographer, and freelance web tinker.


    In addition to my MLIS degree (focus on information architecture, organization & metadata), I have considerable professional web design experience. I also have continued to take classes (graduate level Instructional Design & Development was my latest formal coursework) in addition to teaching.


    I also continue to work with with a variety of multimedia in digital projects as well as "traditional" multimedia in a 2D form utilizing such media as sand, found objects, and stucco. Some wonder how art and technology fit together. Problemsolving is an important part of technology, especially programming. Problemsolving is creative -- thinking outside "the box" = thinking creatively.

    Near future projects include writing an article on multimedia training tools for a peer reviewed journal, beginning work as a member of the Faculty Learning Committee on the Shift to Visual (a group exploring the impact of video and the shift to visual learning through multimedia in academia), creating new training tutorials for departmental staff in using a new database, beginning work on a research area in Second Life, continuing to work with Drupal and the Drupal Users Group, creating training documentation for PacerCMS, and presenting/writing on the areas of Emerging Technologies, Social Networking and Metadata.


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me a line or a chat request
    ...and yes, I will confess, this is a Drupal driven site. Drupal is probably the ultimate mashup -- it's built from bits n pieces of everything, which suits me just fine.

  • Powerpoint resources

    Embedding live website content

    Embedding a live webpage so that it is a seamless part of the Powerpoint is amazingly easy but

    • Must have an internet connection for the slide and website to work properly
      May receivesecurity warnings by users (users must also have LiveWeb installed)
      Machine must have the free Powerpoint Add-in, LiveWeb installed (no administrative authority needed)


    Installing LiveWeb

    Close Powerpoint.

    Inserting a word document, pdf, etc.


    Main Menu Insert>Object


    Note> When inserting a document, Powerpoint will insert it into one slide; any overflow will not display.

    Image throughout the whole slideshow


    As a background:

    View>Master>Slide Master

    From the Master Slide, right click on slide background.

    Small animation on a slide:

    Font problems (take your fonts with you!)

    Embedding fonts will save the fonts along with the presentation.

    Note>Only truetype fonts have this option.


    Under Tools>Options

    Navigation & Action Buttons

    Action Settings provide a means of providing some interactivity through telling Powerpoint to do a specific task, such as open a website. An Action Button is a preconfigured graphic which is packaged with a choice of Action Settings. Action Buttons include clickable forward/backward navigation, a help button, and even a customizable button. Action Settings can be added to most any graphic or sound by using the Right Click properties menu.



    Let's add a nifty transition from slide to slide.


    Embedding Multimedia (Youtube example)


    (YouTube and other web based media)

    One of the advantages of embedding YouTube (or other flash files hosted on the web) into Powerpoint is that as long as there is an internet connection, everything should run correctly.

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