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Hi there.
Just a brief note: Here are links to all of my presentations and a few writings on various Web2.0 technologies. I blog at contendivergent about new technologies including web2.0. Feel free to stop by.
To contact me with questions or more information, please click here. You are welcome to use any of my materials, just drop me a line, please.

>> Blogging basics: Basic introduction includes what is a blog, a short history of blogging, and a brief overview of blog tools. (originally created as a word doc, published at googledocs)

>> Direct link to the patron (Getting started blogging and with other web tools) (ppt) (originally conference presentation; updated 2007): overview of wordpress, movable type, expression engine, getting started blogging, and other web tools

>> LipSmacking Good: Web 2.0 Technologies & your blog overview: Covers a brief (very brief) overview of blogging plus using tools such as bookmarking (del.icio.us), image hosting (flickr), video hosting & videocasting (Youtube), widgets, and mashups. (ppt)(conference presentation; 2007)

>>Lots of Web 2.0 Links & Tools : Originally created for a presentation but has grown much beyond that. If you have a del.icio.us account, subscribe to the links to see updates.

>> Web 2.0 Technologies: a brief overview: Covers from the beginning: Overview of blogging, what is Web 2.0, etc. (originally created as a word doc, published at googledocs)

>>Wordpress vs. Blogger: Created as a spreadsheet comparing features. (originally created as a word doc, published at googledocs)

How to get web saavy quick : brief article on using free stuff on the web including email, image hosting, & more.
E-zine choices and comparison of software: includes drupal, pacercms, mambo/joomla, and many other products.
Making the connection online: social networking for artists

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